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Who's My Daddy?

Who's My Daddy?

107 min
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When three losers Prikesh, Emma & Alfie, come together due to a weird set of circumstances they go on a wacky journey to try & find Prikesh’s long lost father. Prikesh has never known his father & after being humiliated on a TV show he realises its time to grow a pair & find his father. Emma is a British journalist who will lose her internship in South Africa if she doesn’t get a published story & soon & she unwittingly lands the story of Prikesh. Alfie is an entertainment agent & after losing his last & only client, he is forced to take on Prikesh. It’s a story that sees them travel from Johannesburg to Durban, they meet some crazy people along the way whilst they search for clues & go on the greatest DNA heist of all time. As stories get leaked & the press & social media get involved the story starts to grip the nation. Everybody wants a piece of Prikesh & when Emma gets mistakenly kidnapped, it's the final true test of their friendship, a journey of self discovery & love

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